the confusion of knowledge

Someone sent me an article about how creative people’s brains work differently. It was saying that the whole left brain, right brain thing is incorrect. Creative’s brains are working making connections and working with both sides. The article pointed out that this is why creative people can understand and exist conflicting terms. Coupled with my INFP-ness, it’s no wonder all the understanding can actually make … Continue reading the confusion of knowledge

loss is deep, but love is exponential

My nephew passed away today. He was 3. ┬áHe had a lot of complications throughout his short life – but you know what was completely uncomplicated? All the love. My amazing niece sat in my lap and read this to me today. It’s a beautiful book, and while it was to help her and her brother with understanding, it was comforting to me as well. … Continue reading loss is deep, but love is exponential

Our bodies will fail us all.

My grandmothers are both in their 80’s. I got to spend time with both of them today, and I really appreciate that. They have both recently fallen, but still live their lives. They enjoy food and word games and people, even as memory fades, and they recognize less of the faces. Even as they know less about the current state of the world and have … Continue reading Our bodies will fail us all.

energy & music

Without getting into it, I had a very draining experience last night. This morning my eyes were puffy from crying, my head ached, my body was tight and painful – fibromyalgia is always a phenomenal addition to any of life’s tribulations, if the experience itself wasn’t enough to make one physically ill, don’t worry, fibromyalgia will take care of that… I felt heavy, yet thin, … Continue reading energy & music

The Great Pizza Box Problem

Being a problem solver and a sensitive person by nature, isn’t always easy. Having these insights allows me to see problems where other people don’t always see them, and then I need to find a solution for my own sanity, but no one else seems to even care. While you can classify this under #firstworldproblem, I am sure it’s one that many other people have. … Continue reading The Great Pizza Box Problem


I had a reading done, and I asked what I needed to do regarding a particular situation. The reader said, “forgiveness” then flipped a card that said exactly that. I thought, but I have forgiven… I know that I am still working through the hurt, but I’m not holding onto it. Emotions come in waves, and I acknowledge them and let them flow. I didn’t … Continue reading Forgiveness

Meaningful things

I had been thinking about stones and wanting to find something meaningful to put at my dad’s grave. There weren’t really physical things between us, it was never about the stuff, but what the stuff represented… The opportunity to go to this fair had arisen, and I wanted to check it out. Before I went, I had a dream about placing stones on my dad’s … Continue reading Meaningful things

half united necklace

food is love, and other acts of kindness

Our tribe lost it’s leader. This is the best way I can describe the collective loss of my father. It feels like I just saw him yesterday, but I miss him so very much. Time is in this weird place of holding on and moving forward. The passing of days does nothing to help, but remembering his kindness, and sharing it gives us something positive … Continue reading food is love, and other acts of kindness