Okay, so I KNOW¬†that I’m sensitive and emotional processing is essential to my well being, and understanding in life. I know that empathy is important to me, and that I’m having a difficult time right now. In trying to understand how to approach the situation, I was reading some stuff about personality types and came across this article… It discusses how INFP’s use the … Continue reading INFP-ing


I had a reading done, and I asked what I needed to do regarding a particular situation. The reader said, “forgiveness” then flipped a card that said exactly that. I thought, but I have forgiven… I know that I am still working through the hurt, but I’m not holding onto it. Emotions come in waves, and I acknowledge them and let them flow. I didn’t … Continue reading Forgiveness

visual disparity

It’s complicated to present totally differently than you feel. No one needs to defend their appearance, if they are choosing to present differently than their current bodily status, it’s no one’s place to judge that. Identity is a big thing for me, and I feel like we should all be able to be our authentic selves. For me, if that means that I don’t look … Continue reading visual disparity