weiging in on ignorance and insidious prejudice

I’m ever frustrated by the embracement of ignorance that seems so popular in this culture. When I look at why, it’s because it happens little by little, and the small transgressions all add up, but there is desperate refusal to look at the picture that’s created. Education is the key to fixing anything. I really can’t come up with easier solutions. Education is something I … Continue reading weiging in on ignorance and insidious prejudice

fall moments

It’s been warm all week, and we’ve quite enjoyed being outside. I’ve always been enamored with the fall colors. The other day, I recalled to my mom how I remember loving the colors when I was fairly little, and my favorite crayon was this brilliant orange, because it was like the leaves. She said she thinks I was probably only 3. Ah, a lifelong love… … Continue reading fall moments