Messages from wolves.

Screenshot_2016-01-20-06-26-37This morning, in a sleepy state, I read my card of the day.

The Ace of Swords, reversed:
Clarity, balanced mind, precise thoughts. Time for organizing, planning, making decisions I’ve been putting off. This card suggests an epiphany about a matter in which I didn’t know what to do, a realization of how to make something manifest.

Since the card is reversed, I’m feeling it directed, quite literally, at an internal awareness of wisdom – a knowledge that it comes from that infinite place, and I need to trust it.

After thinking about this, I went on to browse some Instagram, and came across 4 wolf references, like immediately. The one was the same post twice.


I reflected on what all these wolves might mean, here are the messages that came across:

  • when a wolf shows up in your life, pay attention to your intuition
  • sharp instincts, intelligence
  • clear perception
  • a call to see and support your authentic self
  • possibly feeling threatened by someone in the pack, needing withdrawal to gain strength
  • trusting your instincts, intuition
  • freedom, expression
  • living powerfully, guided by instinct
  • trust in the instinctual perception and understanding of the world

A lot of this energy refers to the same constructive/destructive force that the suit of swords does. The themes of intellect, conflict, power, and making a decision, are also all present.


As I was thinking about all these things, trusting my intuition, having an awareness and being able to make a decision I wasn’t before…what is clear to me now? How are my internal perceptions inhibiting me from living powerfully? What threats have I perceived that I see through clearly now? I thought about all the situations I’ve been dealing with, and the dreams I’ve been having. I definitely know that I’ve needed to withdraw. I’ve already been doing that. I’ve needed to find my strength again. My dreams have been of being my authentic self, and how that feels. What do I perceive as a threat that I am not living in this power? What decisions and choices am I making? Do they support my authentic self?

I always end up with more questions, but I see things more clearly at the same time.

So this message from @modernmystic_tarot on Instagram really resonated with me.Screenshot_2016-01-20-06-27-34

This speaks about the freedom and power of being one’s authentic self. It speaks about the way that the relationships should be – in reference to the wolf, which do they enable? Who is really in my pack? Who can I trust to support my highest good? Do I perceive a threat from them? Is it true, or based on a fear I have? If endeavors, projects, relationships I put my energy into do not support my authentic self, then I need to trust my instincts and let them go, gratefully.

Today, I am able to live more powerfully than the day before, and I am thankful for that.

Do you get messages in the form of animals? What do they tell you? I also get messages from birds quite often! Let me know in the comments…



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