Yin Yoga: Hip Sequence

I was in SO much pain this morning, everything was so tight. I knew I needed to find something different to really stretch those tight side/back/hip muscles. Smart phones + pinterest are amazing things. In under a minute, I had a good looking sequence to try out – the pictures and descriptions seemed easy enough to figure out. The first part is similar to what I usually work through, but getting into winged dragon and twisted dragon felt amazing in getting out that tightness and pain.

Speaking of pain. This is an interesting thing when it comes to practicing yoga, or other elements of exercise and therapy with fibromyalgia. Supposedly, you shouldn’t experience “pain”. I’m going to say that I’m already experiencing pain. I’m never not experiencing pain. Having knowledge about what kind of pain I’m experiencing is more crucial. Paying attention to what the pain is telling me is important – when I say, that feels amazing, I’m still in pain, it’s just a different kind. It’s pain releasing. It’s pain telling me that the floor is hard against my knee, that can be adjusted. I don’t know how else to say to know what kind of pain you can handle, what is good, and knowing you aren’t injuring yourself further or bringing on a slew of other symptoms from your oversensitive body, other than to practice and get to know yourself. Be mindful of all the sensations and what they tell you, pain among them.
Do you have any tips on how to find balance within your pain? How you know what’s good to work through, and when you should stop?
Do you suffer from chronically tight hips and side muscles? Have you tried a stretch or yoga sequence that helps?

Let me know 🙂

Nancy Nelson

The Hips

Your hip joints are one area that will get a lot of attention in your yoga practice. The more open and stable your hips, the better your sense of balance and the smoother your transitions. Your hips are also directly related to nerve endings and energetic placement of your emotions. Whether you are having a great day, enduring a frustrating situation, or a moment of stress on your morning drive — your emotional energy is sent out into the joints where it builds tension. A large chunk of that emotional stress hits the hip joints, creating that sense of tightness. When we “open up” the hips, we recreate the space we need in the joint to release that energy so we can open up to whatever life hands us next. That’s why opening the hips happens so much in our practice, because we constantly need that release…

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