a tarot wish list

Doing this tarot challenge has had me looking at the different decks people use. I’d always been interested in the tarot, but never really connected with the first deck I got. When I saw the Wild Unknown deck, I loved it’s energy immediately. This is the one I use every day, and I love it. (So much that I have it for sale from my shop) I think it has a lot to do with personal connections to the art work, and how it’s full of a lot of love, light, and growth. Kim Krans’ wrote a fantastic guide book to go with it too. It’s been a great companion to the cards for me.


Now that I’m reading all the time, and feeling more confident in it, I’d like to get a few more decks to work with. Here are the ones that I’ve been most drawn to:

This one from Inner Hue:img_0052

It’s called Connected and Free: The Alchemist’s Oracle

Off the bat, it visually reminded me of The Wild Unknown Deck, with the line work and watercolor painting, and I love the name! Connected and Free – words of very personal importance to me. I’m interested in the way this represents the chakras, and the different names of the oracle cards – healing, family, fun, elixir, birth, endings, decisions, standstill… the messages seem directed towards growth and guidance. It comes with a 133 page guide book.

The next one is actually two, because I want them both:

The Arcana Tarot Playing Cards by Dead on Paper are pretty sweet looking. I like cards in general, and though I’ve never used playing cards to read with, I find it very interesting. I wonder how many people read with playing cards just because they were easily accessible and/or inconspicuous to behold? These decks have combined symbols and textures that make them look worn, along with vintage feeling artwork. There are some great coins on their site too, for some quick decision making or answers.

Next up, the Ostara Tarot. This one is beautiful and colorful. Designed by a collective of illustrators, I hope to someday get my hands on it. It’s still getting going after a small printing. I’ve seen other decks by fantastic artists, but don’t like the way they pull together as a whole. This deck  is divided in a way that brings together multiple artists together to create something magical and cohesive.

I’m so smitten with these, the whimsical illustrations and layers of symbolism. I’m really feeling this, and would love to use these and review them. Must keep tabs on where this one goes!

This last one is by impressionistic artist James R. Eads, and it’s called the Prisma Visions Tarot74e09d0996ce3af7b926d3991ca54038

Each card in a suit combines with the others to make the entire suit into one panoramic work of art, yet each stands on its own. Illuminating colors and movement through the major and minor arcana are complemented by that eye of illumination on the card back design. I feel a lot of energy and flow from this one, it embodies the constant change we exist in. Can I read these under a black light for an extra cool effect?  – Also comes with a 100 page guidebook AND strawberries – a pretty sweet bonus card if you ask me.

These decks all seem to suit my personality well, with their tendency towards interesting, energetic lines, and over-all sense of whimsy and heart-felt magic. There’s also a certain contrast and balance to each deck that feels right.
So what about you? What deck do you use the most, which are your favorites that you’d like to use? What draws you in? Let me know in the comments.

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