Today is day 12 of the #modernmysticchallenge, and the prompt is NURTURING.

nurture - swords

I’ve been drawing one card every day so far, but I wanted more insight on today’s concept. I focused on asking three things regarding nurturing:

1- What do I need to nurture within myself? 4 of swords

2- What needs nurtured regarding the situation? 10 of swords (reversed)

3 – What do I need to know about nurturing and others? 8 of swords

Those are some heavy swords, there, for sure. Swords are ruled by the element of air, and deal with change, power, conflict, action (construction/destruction), and intellect. They call you to be aware of what is happening around you, which is pretty reflective of the heaviness that exists in the situation. I know a LOT of nurturing needs to take place. Nurturing is the effective opposite of the threat of the swords. My daily card today was the 7 of cups – telling me to take a break & reconnect, so it makes perfect sense that when I ask what I need to nurture within myself, the answer is the 4 of swords – stillness, mental power. Seek rest, meditation, recuperate, move inward. Take the time and energy I need to heal myself before dealing with those swords. Also, regarding myself, have no fear, know from this stillness that the swords can threaten, but I know what’s up.

In the situation, what needs nurtured? The 10 of swords is about hitting rock bottom, drama, and backstabbing. (I’ve been pulling this card daily a lot, and I keep reflecting on how to figure out how to not be victimized when you’re being bullied, so I’m not surprised this came up) It says it’s time to quit letting others walk all over you. What does that look like? Nurture the idea that you aren’t a victim. With reversed cards in this deck, I sort of flip them one more step inward…like the eye doctor’s lenses during an exam, just flip it your direction a little more to bring things in better focus. This card says, focus on that stillness inside that is untouched by what others are bringing to the situation. This also reiterates the 4 of swords, nurturing myself is important to my self, but also the situation as a whole.

The 8 of swords, regarding nurturing and others,is about more threats, and an inability to see myself as powerful. This card is about demanding answers, and for absolute sure, that has been draining on me. Everyone seems to be demanding answers from me. I know that my perspective would be better if I didn’t feel beaten down. I’ve actually said numerous times this week that I’ve felt like staying in my cocoon, that I was feeling too vulnerable to be around others. The 8 of swords is reflecting this situation with others, and stating that I need to figure out how not to feel powerless. I have no control overĀ others, and need to nurture freedom in this aspect.

Now to sit with this clear picture, and be that brilliant little lamb.

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