30 day tarot challenge


I came across this challenge earlier and thought perfect, I’ve been looking for ways to keep practicing. The first card is THEME. I drew the three of pentacles.


I see you there, Mountain…How is this my theme!? Okay. *deep breath* Let’s do this.

The key words are determination, teamwork, and focus. Pentacles signify earth, the material world – home, income, property, career, greed/generosity . This card shows a mountain, and the three pentacles, connected in a triangle. The three of pentacles is associated with the root chakra, when this is balanced, we are able to be open and vulnerable with others.

I know that I’m climbing a mountain (range). There are a lot of things that need taken care of – a literal mountain of paperwork, boxes, and items that need addressed. My physical health needs addressed. My home needs addressed. My heart needs addressed…The tasks, yes, they are monumental… Home, income, property, career, and the balance of generosity/greed; there are definite needs to be attended to.

Google reminded me photographically earlier of what I was doing a year ago, which I hadn’t realized, and that just hurt. I’ve been determined, and focused, until I can’t stand, until I can’t stay awake, until I physically and mentally just can’t, not matter how hard I try. I was depending on other people a lot too, and they let me down, which is why this card is so interesting at this juncture… I’ve been addressing the ideas of greed and generosity, and trying to see a balance there. I’m not very good at it, I won’t lie. My heart is a generous creature, that doesn’t seem to realize it doesn’t have anything left to draw from when it’s out. This card signifies that if you’re weary or overwhelmed that you should rely on others, on their strength. – On that note, this has been hard for me, I’m learning not to base my trust on others’ potential, which comes natural to me to see their true self, but this isn’t always what they act upon… so whose strength should I rely on?
I’ve also been cogitating the ideas of support that we have in this existence. Who is in your tribe? Who do we have helping us that we might not know? Who is meant to help us learn a lesson? Who is meant to stay, and who is meant to make an appearance and move on? I’ve been minding this idea, and remaining open to my “tribe”. Last night, I had a headache and didn’t feel well at all. I dreamt a woman, named Linda (Lynda?), was pressing on my forehead with her thumb, directly over my third eye, and all my pain in my head went away. There were other people around her, I don’t know if I knew any of them in “real” life…there was a feeling of relief surrounding my head, and wanting to feel wholly well. Like it was a taste of how I could feel, and we had to go somewhere else to work on the rest of my body…

Looking forward to where this month of challenges leads me!

The cards I’m using are by THE WILD UNKNOWN. I have first edition decks and guidebooks available via TILLIE & ROSE. If you want to get started, you can order a deck & guidebook (links below) and I’ll send them out ASAP 😉 Join in on instagram #modernmysticchallenge or follow me @jen_palmer_

If you’re already doing the challenge, leave your IG name in the comments, I’d love to keep up on your challenges too!

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3 thoughts on “30 day tarot challenge

  1. I know what you mean about a support system you don’t necessarily know in “real” life. I’ve moved around a lot (even across the U.S. twice!) and have ended up losing significant amounts of my support system each time. Sometimes, the ethereal is all that’s left.

    I just finished a 31 Days of Magic challenge, and was looking for something new to try to sharpen some of my skills. This looks like it’d be perfect (though I’m getting to it a year late!), thank you for posting it.
    My IG name is @jeccavee, though I’ll mostly be writing about my experiences on Marblecrow.com. Thank you again!


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