visual disparity

It’s complicated to present totally differently than you feel. No one needs to defend their appearance, if they are choosing to present differently than their current bodily status, it’s no one’s place to judge that. Identity is a big thing for me, and I feel like we should all be able to be our authentic selves. For me, if that means that I don’t look … Continue reading visual disparity

chronic fashion

One thing that is difficult for people with chronic illness is dealing with the sense of losing yourself. Being sick takes up so much time and energy, that you often don’t even feel like you. Losing your identity is a real thing here, and finding ways to keep it, and express it within your limits can have a huge impact on overall wellness! I’ve always … Continue reading chronic fashion

pain is a big part of my life

I have fibromyalgia. I’m going to talk about it a lot, because it’s a big part of my life, and I realized that no one will ever understand any of it, if I stay silent. I’ve connected with a lot of positive minded young women over the internet who also have invisible illnesses and deal with chronic pain. It has been awesome to share things … Continue reading pain is a big part of my life

half united necklace

food is love, and other acts of kindness

Our tribe lost it’s leader. This is the best way I can describe the collective loss of my father. It feels like I just saw him yesterday, but I miss him so very much. Time is in this weird place of holding on and moving forward. The passing of days does nothing to help, but remembering his kindness, and sharing it gives us something positive … Continue reading food is love, and other acts of kindness